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Corporate Responsibility

At YES, we understand the impact our industry has on the environment, and how it affects the people within all the communities we touch.

“It was the YES pitch to support under privileged island schools as part of the incentive programme that made you stand out from the rest, it is refreshing to see you care about adding meaning in addition to a reward for our top achievers, congratulations!”

Events Manager.

Environmental Responsibility

As a leading provider of conference and incentive events, YES recognise the need to carry out our services whilst operating in an environmental and socially responsible manner.

YES understands the importance of reducing environmental impact from our activities to maintain sustainability and bring benefits to all communities now and for the future. We do this by ensuring our solutions minimise resource consumption and improve waste management, recycling, efficient transportation and the reduction of carbon emissions.

A number of our events are socially responsible, and include an element of support to the community in which they are hosted, including the sponsorship of an orphanage and an incentive programme to generate sports equipment for an inner city school.

In conjunction with the The Carbon Neutral Company YES has calculated the CO2 emissions generated by a company of our size and we are partially offsetting this by investing in global projects. In principle this includes YES contributing to 'carbon offset projects'. 'Offset' means that for every 1 kg of CO2 we produce, we organis 1 kg of CO2 to be saved through environmentally friendly projects around the world.

We are in a position to offer our clients the option of making their events carbon neutral. YES in partnership with The Carbon Neutral Company will calculate the expenditure of carbon on a specific client event.

At YES we constantly manage our processes and procedures, including our health and safety policies and our crisis management action plan, this ensures that our clients have peace of mind that their delegates safety is ensured.

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