Salzburg Adventure!

Our thrill seeker Account Manager, Becky has made it back in one piece after an action packed trip to Salzburg!

During the 3 day trip, Becky took to the glistening slopes to experience the magic of snow hiking, the importance and fascinating avalanche training in and amongst stops for delicious cuisine and spectacular views.
 If that wasn’t enough, Becky was then let loose to try snowboarding for the first time and we are very pleased to say she made it to the bottom of the mountain and actually enjoyed it! The exhilarating trip was finished with an exciting off-road experience. After all this activity each, it was a great pleasure to retire to the luxurious mama thresl ! A fantastically homely, modern, yet rustic property.

Thank you to Salzburg Convention Bureau & Hills Balfour for kindly hosting the wonderful trip! We can’t wait to share these experiences with our client and visit this magical destaintion again!

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